Solar technology adoption is shaped by multiple social factors, including policy, economics, social perceptions, and community values. Solar technology has the potential to change the scales and forms of ownernship that characterize access to electrical energy. My projects on solar aim to identify the address the challenges of transitioning to solar while promoting opportunities for solar development.

The Long Island Solar Roadmap

The Long Island Solar Roadmap is a collaborative project with multiple research and community partners. Our objective is to study the technical, economic, spatial, policy, and social dynamics. While also looking at the impacted opportunities in mid to large scale solar development on Long Island in order to identify low-impact and low-conflict sites.

You can read more about the project in the following publications

Schelly. C., Prehoda, E.,Price, J., Delach, A., & Thapaliya, R. (2020). Ratepayer Perspectives on Mid-to-Large Scale Development on Long Island, NY: Lessons for Reducing Siting Conflict through Supported Development Types. Energies 13, no 21

Schelly. C., Price, J., Delach, A., & Thapaliya, R. (2019). Improving Solar Development Policy and Planning through Stakeholder Engagement: The Long Island Solar Roadmap Project. The Electricity Journal 32 (10)

The Energizer Bunny

This project, funded by the Department of Energy examined the potential solar energy with agricultural production, specifically in the form of pasture raised rabbits. 

You can read more about the project in the following publications

Pascaris, A.,* Schelly, C., Rouleau, M., Pearce, J. (2022). Do Agrivoltaics Improve Public Support for Solar? A Survey on Perceptions, Preferences, and Priorities. Green Technology, Resilience, and Sustainability 2(8)

Pascaris, A.*, Schelly, C., Pearce, J. (2022). Advancing Agrivoltaics within the U.S. Legal Framework:  A Multidimensional Assessment of Barriers & Opportunities. Agrivoltaics 2021 AIP Conference Proceedings. 2635, 050002

Pascaris, A.S.*, Schelly, C., Burnham, L., & Pearce, J. (2021). Integrating Solar Energy with Agriculture: Industry Perspectives on the Market, Community, and Socio-Political Dimensions of AgrivoltaicsEnergy Research and Social Sciences 75

Pascaris, A.S.*, Schelly, C., & Pearce, J. (2020). A First Investigation of Agriculture Sector Perspectives on the Opportunities and Barriers for AgrivoltaicsAgronomy 10, 1885

Pascaris, A.S*, Handler, R., Schelly, C., & Pearce, J. (2021). Life Cycle Assessment of Pasture-based Agrivoltaic Systems: Emissions and Energy Use of Integrated Rabbit ProductionCleaner and Responsible Consumption (3)

Upper Peninsula Solar Technical Assistance Team (UPSTART)

UPSTART examines the feasibility of community solar for rural communities served by municipal utilities in the Upper Peninsula of MI.

You can read more about the project in the following publication

Prehoda, E., Winkler, R., & Schelly, C. (2019). Putting Research to Action: Integrating Collaborative Governance and Community-engaged Research for Community Solar. Social Sciences, 8(1)